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Reporting on Events

 Prayer for Christian Unity 

Many thanks to all thhose brave souls who came for a while on our twenty-four hours of prayer, despite the cold and snow on January 17-18th. Thank you too to Revd Malcolm Jones amnd St. Richard's Chruch for hosting this event.


The CTH forum has agreed that we will "have a go" at running a cafechurch programme this year at the Costa Coffee shop in Heathfield Highg Street. A planning committee, recruited from a variety of age groups, has met and it is hoped that the first meeting will be in late April with a seocnd planned for early July.If you think you might like to be involved in this kind of outreach to the community do let your CTH  representativre knonw or contact Sue Mumford 01580 819415.

Annual Meeting May 2013

Moderator's Report.

The year has been a quite active one and the programme has worked out well. Most of you have been to most of the events - United Services, Lent reflections etc so I do not wish to go through those in any detail but rather to highlight what has been happening and especially what has been new.

The relationship between the Fraternal (which provides steering and a steadiness on the tiller as well as support to me) and the Forum which collectively acts as the captain of the ship - if I continue that analogy - has been a successful one during the year. I certainly hope that members of Forum no longer feel that you attend a rubber stamping meeting , and that you do feel you have the opportunity to make a real difference to how CTH works and can move forward. In Forum we have included talks from visiting speakers to help us to be more informed on issues such as the Teenage culture and Heathfield Works. In both fraternal and Forum we review events to see what changes we make in the future. Thus after the Lent Reflections last year we were encouraged to have them again this year. They were based on the five verses of “When I survey the wondrous Cross” and with five different leaders for our reflections we had a range of approaches and good variety of input over the five evenings.

In the late Autumn we had an evening at the Beehive which was very well supported. With some adjustment made from comments we received we hope to run an equally good evening again this November. 

The Walk of Witness on Good Friday was well attended. We changed the format a little and will make further adjustments next year. 

We asked for information from the parishes as to what links they had with the local community so that if we plan any new ventures we would ensure that we  are not duplicating what is already covered.  The response was very good and Sue kindly produced a summary sheet which makes very interesting reading.

As a new venture we have started Cafe Church at Costa Cafe in the High Street. We hope to hold an evening about every  quarter.  The first one, last week, went well and the next one will be in July. The evenings are aimed at engaging with young people 16-25years old.

In conclusion may I express my thanks to all those who have helped our events in various ways during the past year - from providing refreshments, to leading in services and the Lent reflections, to those involved with the 24 Hours of Prayer and especially the help from St. Richard’s church. Also tach church by hosting services and those of you as Forum  representatives for your continued support  of CTH in encouraging others from your congregations to gather together. CTH is a special witness to our unity in Christ which I trust we will continue to express and proclaim through the events of this coming year.  

Canon Paul Cox