Nominations are now open!!!


There are 4 categories of awards:

                1. Extraordinary Mum- this award is for single mums who singlehandedly raised or are raising their children and had or are having extraordinary results despite every challenges.

                2. Supermum- this award is for married mums who have or are doing extraordinary jobs of raising their children and the results were/are outstanding

                3. Heart of Gold- this award is for mothers or mothers' to be that have done or are doing extraordinary job of raising other people's children

                4. Golden Granny- this award is for grandmothers who have done an extraordinary job of raising their children and are now raising their grand children and other people's children

Please send you nomination by email to:

Tell us briefly why your nominee deserves the award.

For enquiry or more info, please contact Sola 07780477650 or Yewande 07507667677


Party for mums 


Women's World Day of Prayer Service 

 Friday 3rd March 2017 - 8pm

The City of God, 193 Crayford Road, Crayford DA1 3QJ


Garth Hewitt 

 Saturday 4th March 2017    7-9pm

Crayford Baptist Church, Bexley Lane Crayford DA1 4DD

Garth Hewitt Strange Weapons Tour 


Walk through the Bible 

 Saturday 11th March 2017

St Mary's Church and Hall


 The New Testament is well known, however, the context can often be missed.  Relax and enjoy the journey as an experienced guide encourages you to see God's Word through the 'Big Picture' 

click below for application form 

Walk through the Bible 


Breakfast with Christ 

 Sunday 12th March 2017 - 10:30am

RCCG Faith Chapel, Crayford Community Centre, 176 Crayford Townhall 


PARTY FOR MUMS + Awards Celebration

Saturday 1st April 2017    4-9pm

This event is organised by Mothers Club International

Our mission is to encourage and inspire mothers in raising the next generation. A night dedicated to appreciating mums and giving out awards to some mums that have distinguished themselves.

The party is absolutely FREE. You can register by sending your details to Sola 07780477650 or Yewande 07507667677 


Lent Lunch  - hosted by Acts 2 Church

 Saturday 8th April 2017    12:30-2pm

77 Havelock Road, Dartford, DA1 3HZ


Walk of Witness

 Friday 14th April 2017    10:45am

Cray Gardens, Waterside, Crayford

Followed by frugal lunch hosted by St Mary of the Crays 


Prayer Walk training - Ceri Griffiths

 Thursday 20th April 2017    7:30pm

The City of God, 193 Crayford Road, Crayford DA1 3QJ


 Prayer Walking - led by Ceri Griffiths

 Thursday 27th April 2017    7:30pm

The City of God, 193 Crayford Road, Crayford DA1 3QJ




Crayford Fun Day

Waterside Gardens in Crayford

 A great time was had by all

Crayford Fun Day 1 

 Crayford Fun Day 2

Crayford Fun Day 3

Crayford Fun Day 4

Crayford Fun Day 5

Crayford Fun Day 6

Crayford Fun Day 7

Crayford Fun Day 8

Crayford Fun Day 9

Crayford Fun Day 10

Crayford Fun Day 11





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